The Feng Tyan Industrial Co., Ltd. has obtained two patents, the primary structure and the water-distribution basin, for thereof new scale-free close-type cooling tower, and its innovative performance is able to completely take the place of traditional cooling tower. This product has been highly commended by the industries after its launch, and we will aim aggressively to endeavor for increasing the monthly throughput in the future as the goal. 
Generally speaking, the traditional cooling tower is very easy to have a blocked pipeline structure, unbalanced water distribution, and reduced cooling effectiveness due to the scaling & calcification resulted from the congeries of dust and contaminants in the air. Feng Tyan�s new scale-free close-type cooling tower adopts an unique patent for the water-distribution system and the mainstay structure of cooling water drainage that can effectively distribute the water consumption and fully isolate the airborne pollutants, and obtain a quicker and easier maintenance & repair.
The Feng Tyan�s series of cooling tower is fabricated a stainless steel appearance and injection-molded a modularization by chemical engineering plastics; that is, the entire product structure are recyclable and reusable. Wherein, a small-size model, such as the 5-ton or 10-ton class, can be applied to the plant�s R&D office. This series of product are characterized with super water conservation, electricity saving, low noise and high efficiency, etc; furthermore, it can be effectively applied to the general central air-conditioning & cooling system , high-temperature industrial equipment and highly & severely polluting environment, etc.